Cox and McRae

Music Makers - Tradition Bearers - Story Tellers

Two of Canada’s finest. You can see and hear the past and present in their instrumentation, their stories and their songs. A rare treat in an intimate setting. With sixty years experience and countless performances between them, these veteran award-winning recording artists each with a menagerie of stories to tell, a truckload of strings and things in their arsenal and a preponderance of songs will have you glued to your seat listening to their every word, sometimes laughing, singing along and humming their melodies of days afterward.

Press / Reviews

Doug Cox and Linda McRae are true wordsmiths and skilled musicians. Doug and Linda prove to be a magnetic duo and this recording will magnify this truth to a great degree.” - Jimmy Rae


"they remind me of past duos that were meticulous in the choice of material & showcasing it sure-fingered & pristine. Clive Gregson & Christine Collister, Richard & Linda Thompson, Richard & Mimi Farina” - John Apice

Americana Highways

Live Reviews

Cox and McRae were a definite hit with our seasoned concert series audience. Their original music entwined with superbly arranged blues, folk and popular favorites kept the audience entranced. Supreme musicianship coupled with engaging repartee with the audience made for a totally enjoyable evening.” - Suzanne Searle

— Beneath The Arch Concert Series

Linda McRae and Doug Cox are masterful musicians in their own right but when you put them on stage together something magical happens. They layer their virtuosity into a powerful traditional folk sound that's harmonious, engaging and highly entertaining. Our audience left feeling they'd just experienced a singular display of folk music artistry at its finest. ” - Joseph Duperreault

— New Moon Folk Club

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