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Doug and Linda (Cox and McRae)


Thanks to Michelle Fortier and Larry Ahearn at Trespass Music for all your help in promoting our new CD!

John Apice, Americana Highways: While their set is rooted in a vintage folk tradition they remind me of past duos that were meticulous in the choice of material & showcasing it sure-fingered & pristine. Artists like Clive Gregson & Christine Collister, Richard & Linda Thompson, Richard & Mimi Farina. It was music that was exciting. There really isn’t anything that sounds better than 2 human voices in harmony if not in harmony sounding independently rich & appealing. 11 songs grace Beyond the Great Pause – Live with originals, classics like “Paper Moon,” & The Kink’s Ray Davies’ classically beautiful “Waterloo Sunset” sung by Doug or Bowie’s “Heroes” for banjo and dobro, sung by Linda. Pass the tissues. Here is a link to the full article. 

SKOPEMAG.COM, Jimmy Rae: Doug Cox and Linda McRae are true wordsmiths and skilled musicians as they take you on a journey 'Beyond The Great Pause'. With creative, thoughtful and relevant lyrics and pristine acoustic guitar strumming, this album will delight listeners everywhere. Doug and Linda prove to be a magnetic duo and this recording will magnify this truth to a great degree.


Suzanne Searle, Artistic Director, Beneath The Arch Concert Series, Turner Valley, AB: Cox and McRae were a definite hit with our seasoned concert series audience. Their original music entwined with superbly arranged blues, folk and popular favorites kept the audience entranced. Supreme musicianship coupled with engaging repartee with the audience made for a totally enjoyable evening.

Joseph Duperreault, Artistic Director, New Moon Folk Club, Edmonton, AB: Linda McRae and Doug Cox are masterful musicians in their own right but when you put them on stage together something magical happens. They layer their virtuosity into a powerful traditional folk sound that's harmonious, engaging and highly entertaining. Our audience left feeling they'd just experienced a singular display of folk music artistry at its finest. 

Kevin Rose, The Dream Cafe, Penticton, BC: Doug Cox and Linda McRae succeed in providing top class musicianship, but more importantly they are able to create that much sought after element, genuine connection with everyone lucky enough to attend their performance.   

Rod MacMillan, Entertainment Director, Vermilion Folk Club, AB: True music royalty with a set list that draws from their respect for folk traditions and their own original repertoire. They created an immediate relationship with our audience through their story telling. I would encourage everyone to bring them to a venue nearest you!  

Ted Crouch, Acoustic Avenue Music, Salmon Arm, BC: Linda McRae and Doug Cox are well recognized and respected artists with successful solo careers. Together they bookend a solid foundation of musical history, inspiration and influences both crossing and pushing boundaries of Americana, Canadiana and just plain deep roots with soulful and absolutely enjoyable songwriting, singing, story-telling and superb musicianship.